Harbor America Sees 125% Increase in Leads in Just 6 Months

Sometimes The Problem You’re Solving Isn’t The Problem You Have

With business growing and a new sales team coming onboard, Harbor America wanted to make sure their website was appealing and robust enough to handle all the traffic the new team would bring. What they didn’t realize was that a great “looking” website wasn’t what their sales team needed at all. They needed a marketing strategy that would generate leads. And that’s exactly what we gave them.

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Harbor America is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offering strong solutions to small and mid-sized businesses with client, employee, and back-office services that are critical to the success of every business.

For over 20 years, they have offered unique and award-winning HR solutions, establishing themselves as one of the nation’s strongest and most reliable service providers from coast to coast.

As leaders in their industry, they recognized that most business owners didn’t know what a PEO was or how one could help them grow their business. Understanding this problem has been the key to their marketing success.

The Problem

Before Harbor America made the choice to work with the team at Beefy Marketing, they knew they wanted to update their website. In their mind, it was that simple.

They were fearful their website wasn’t up to the task of handling all the incoming traffic from their new sales team, so they hired Beefy to update the website. At the very first meeting, the inbound experts at Beefy Marketing helped the team at Harbor America understand that what they needed was a website that could produce leads for their sales team, not a sales team that could produce traffic for their website.

Harbor needed:

  • a clear understanding of their target market
  • a digital strategy that would improve their SEO ranking
  • a marketing strategy that would drive traffic to the website
  • a content strategy that would convert traffic to leads
  • a closing strategy that would convert leads to new business

Met all of our expectations with the design and deployment of our company website. These guys are top-notch.

Our Solution

Beefy Marketing began addressing Harbor America’s marketing challenges by first identifying and developing a customer persona, the basis for any successful brand development. We discovered their prospective clients didn’t know what a PEO was, much less why they needed one. Instead of uncovering what their target market needed, they were using a pitch deck and a lengthy presentation to try to convince clients to purchase a service they didn’t understand. By utilizing an editorial calendar and a robust content strategy, our team of experts developed a strategic plan for reaching and educating potential clients about the need for a PEO in the growth of their business.

Persona Development

UX Design

Conversion Optimization

Website Design

Sales Enablement

Premium Content Creation

Custom Leadflows

Sales Automation

The Results

Helping Harbor America to see their need wasn’t for a better looking website, but for a better performing one has really paid off. As their understanding of the target market grew, their content became more targeted, resulting in an increase of 25% in their SEO ranking, significant growth in just six months. With the help of Inbound Marketing Experts and Content Strategists at Beefy Marketing they are seeing a 125% increase in leads from organic traffic as well as a 200% increase in contacts from their website. One of the most significant non-metric results has been the relational growth between the sales team and the marketing team, resulting in better dialogue and feedback which they have attributed to a more positive workplace environment overall. Harbor America and Beefy Marketing continue to work together to educate small to mid-sized business owners about PEOs and the part they play in their success.